4 Ways to Refresh Your Retail Store and Profits header

The retail environment is changing and store concepts that were popular a few years ago may no longer appeal to today’s retail customer. Even some of the oldest brands in retail like Macy’s and JC Penney have had to adapt by refreshing their retail stores to attract consumers who are spending an increasing amount of time and money shopping online.

Retail stores that haven’t changed with the times are struggling to survive, closing stores or going out of business. Radio Shack once the go-to electronics retailer has shuttered more than one thousand locations and Sports Authority recently announced it was filing for bankruptcy protection and closing some of its locations.

You have to refresh your retail store design and make it look attractive to today’s consumer. If you do not exercise a high level of creativity, your business may not be able to beat the competition.

Seek Support from Local Business Networks and Organizations

Getting involved in local business networks and chambers of commerce can help you identify current consumer needs and trends which can be used to boost your retail business. In addition, taking an active role in the activities of your local chamber of commerce and collaborating with other organizations can enhance the visibility of your retail store.

Use Online Resources

Online resources are becoming more relevant and popular among retail business owners and their customers now more than ever. You can build a website where you can sell online or develop apps that help you to connect with your customers, build relationships and drive traffic to your retail locations. In addition, the Internet provides you with a way of gaining valuable insight and delivering value to your customers.

Adopt Smart Marketing Methods

While traditional marketing techniques such as billboards and print are vital, they may not offer the best return on investment. By adopting smart marketing methods such as online and mobile advertising, you will have the ability to capture new customers and increase traffic to your retail store.

Give Your Retail Store a Facelift

Customers want to shop in retail stores that are easy to navigate, clean, bright and attractive. Whether the customer is looking through a store window or going through the door, the retail store design needs to motivate them to move throughout the store and shop. You may want to consider consulting with a retail painting and decorating specialist who can create the store that appeals to your customers.


Image Credit: Jocelyn Kinghorn | Flickr