Creating a Striking Restaurant Design on a Small Budget header

Any established chef or restaurant owner will tell you that the restaurant business is one of the most competitive industries today. And opening a restaurant is not always easy considering the amount of capital needed. When you add this to the many other expenses associated with opening a new restaurant or refreshing an existing one, it is easy to understand why so many small business owners struggle to implement the decor and design they originally envisioned for their space.

Since diners eat with their eyes first, your restaurant design is the first taste they get when they walk into your dining room. Thus, a poor design can start your guests off on the wrong foot.

So what do customers want?

They want a clean, comfortable and inviting atmosphere with excellent food they can’t get anywhere else. Therefore, your restaurant design should reflect the character, quality, and attention-to-detail that are the essence of your delicious dishes and will keep them coming back.

Understand Local Market for Restaurant Interior Design

With a little creativity and ingenuity, it is possible to create a striking restaurant design on a small budget that is equally impressive as your dishes. But there is one crucial factor you need to consider first. That is the needs of your local market. Having an understanding of the local market will help you identify the type of customer you are trying to attract. Your interior design should appeal to the type of diners you are trying to attract.

Use Brand-Matching Colors for Painting and Decorating

When on a small budget, painting and decorating with wallpaper and natural elements can help ensure a brilliant restaurant design. Painting your restaurant in the colors that are related to your brand, as well as the type of ingredients that go into your dishes, is an easy and affordable way to quickly change the appearance of your restaurant. Consider painting your restaurant with bright colors such as white paint to ensure a more bright, inviting and fresh appearance.

Choose Appealing Wallpaper for Restaurant Designs

There is also a seemingly endless variety of wallpaper that will add texture, depth, and color to your restaurant design. For instance, wood-themed wallpaper gives your interior a natural, handsome, and authentic appearance for a fraction of the cost of real wood.

Also, incorporating natural elements is a welcome addition to any restaurant design. An inexpensive tabletop light can be made by filling clear glass vases with rocks, sand, gravel or seashells. Moreover, use plants, flowers, and succulents to add more fresh, natural, and environmental elements to the room.

Select Unique Furniture Options

When choosing furniture for your restaurant design, thinking outside of the box can help you to save a small fortune. For instance, rather than investing in brand new seating booths, consider repurposing old headboards to replace the need for custom upholstery. Simply cover the headboards with the fabric of your choice and hang them on the wall directly behind each table. Not only will this allow you to create a truly unique design, but it will also create a far more inviting atmosphere on a smaller budget.

Bring in Experts

Finally, working with an experienced and creative restaurant interior decorator can help you achieve a striking restaurant design that appeals to your customers and is within your budget. A professional painter, for example, can help ensure your wallcoverings are seamless, your paint job is streak free, and the finishes will last.

Working with a professional with a quality guarantee also helps ensure that, should an issue arise, you can get your repairs done without breaking the bank. Contact Independence Painting Co. today to learn about our 10-year labor warranty.