Industrial Painting Techniques

If you want to start a new industrial paint project, you may be unclear about the different industrial paint techniques you can try. Here are some ideas to help you get the job done right.

Air Spray Method

Air spraying is ideal for many industrial paint jobs. This process uses a mist of paint or fine spray through atomization. There are many different types of air sprayers that you can use, each with a different pressure level or pattern, along with other differences. This method will leave you with a smooth finish on any type of surface.


If you want to paint a flat surface like a wall or floor, rollers are ideal. This technique allows you to transfer paint with efficiency and effectiveness, with plenty of options available depending on the project. For instance, some jobs may require the use of a spiked roller to level coatings and remove trapped air. Rollers are also particularly great for cement and concrete screeds.

Paint Brushes

You can always stick with tradition and use a paint brush. In many cases it might be exactly what you need to do the job and get it done the right way. There are many different styles, angles, shapes, and bristles that you can choose from depending on what the project demands. Small paint brushes are ideal for smaller details, and the right technique can leave a professional finish for any surface.

Airless Sprayers

What makes airless sprayers different from air sprayers is that airless sprayers atomize paint at a higher pressure. You can use these tools to spray large industrial locations with more efficiency than a traditional air sprayer while applying thicker coatings. You can also avoid over-spraying with airless sprayers. However, you need to make sure you’re wearing the right PPE attire when using these sprayers.

Dip Coating

Some industrial paint jobs may have specific elements that require complete covering in paint with equal effectiveness and efficiency. You can use he dip coating method to dip the element in paint directly and give it time to dry.

Each of these paint methods is great for a wide range of projects. Regardless of what your paint job entails, you’ll be able to use one or more of these techniques to get the best possible results with every project. If you need additional help, consulting with painting experts such as Independence Painting Co. can give you reliable professional assistance with any paint job.