Has a moment of inspiration ever left you scrambling for a place to jot it down? Skip the panic by converting any existing wall space into a whiteboard with just a coat of paint! Thanks to advancements in paint technologies, you now have an easy way to create a more functional space for your office, home or classroom.

Just about any wall can be coated with dry erase paint, so get creative! Here are some ideas for how you can use a white board in your space:

  • Classrooms: turn walls in to whiteboards so students can draw without the mess of chalkboards
  • Restaurants: display your daily specials for all of your customers to see
  • Offices: whiteboard walls are perfect for team brainstorms in conference rooms
  • Home: never worry about your kids drawing on the walls during play time again by utilizing white board walls in their play room

Choosing the Right Paint?

First things first – you should start by choosing the right kind of paint for the type of wall space being used and your environmental conditions. There are several different brands and types to choose from, depending on your surface or style preferences. For example:

Most paints used in the application of a whiteboard dry within a few hours and they should be ready to use in about three days but consult your specific brand for instructions. Once applied, these walls require less maintenance and can last for years! This will save you time and money from having to replace traditional whiteboards and chalkboards.

Start Writing on the Walls!

Writing on a dry-erase whiteboard wall is virtually the same as on a traditional whiteboard – all you need are erasable markers. Just be sure to check that your markers are compatible with the type of paint you’ve chosen. For example, IdeaPaint has specific markers for their products, while Resene Write-On Wall Paint can be used with any dry-erase whiteboard marker. Once your paint is dry and you’ve got your markers, you’re ready to go! You’ve got a beautiful new writing surface for all of your needs.

There’s even a special app you can download to capture photos of all your whiteboard creations – Microsoft Lens. You can use the app to help “save” everything you’ve written on your walls in a clear, legible format right on your devices!

If you’re looking for some help installing your whiteboard wall, contact us here! We’ll be happy to help you pick a paint that’s right for you, and professionally apply it so you’ll know your new finish will last.