Colorful Industrial Tanks

Industrial tanks with rust, cracked paint, and boring colors are a thing of the past. Now, facilities managers are recognizing the opportunity to utilize their industrial tanks as a blank canvas, with the ability to do everything from share their company’s branding to treat them as a beautiful piece of artwork. 

But before hiring just anyone to come paint your industrial tank, it’s important to understand what is required to ensure a safe, successful paint job. 

Requirements for Tank Painting 

No matter what you’re painting on your tank, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because tanks can house everything from water to oil to food, you must work with a professional that has experience working with industrial tanks. Some things you can expect from a professional painter include: 

  • Surface preparation 
  • Tank cleaning 
  • Location-specific paint recommendations to account for differences in weather 
  • Paints that meet all safety standards for the type of tank you’re painting 
  • Paint formulations that inhibit rust or corrosion 

The Push for Decorative Tanks 

Paint technologies have advanced to inhibit rust and corrosion, meaning industrial facilities owners no longer have to worry about their tank’s paint job quickly turning. Because of this, more and more owners are opting to use their tanks as a blank canvas for either corporate promotion or artistic expression. 

For example, a company celebrating a large anniversary (50 or 100 years) may choose to commemorate the milestone by painting their anniversary logo on their tank for all those driving by to see.  

In addition, many cities are working with industrial facilities to use their tanks to promote the city. When Bardstown was going through a brand refresh it proposed a new design for a water tank at the industrial park.  

Industrial tank painting isn’t reserved for corporate branding, however. In Detroit, a Marathon Oil refinery painted an industrial tank to resemble a basketball in honor of the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Shock. It has not only received attention within the town but has also become a roadside attraction for travelers

Bring Your Design to Life 

While painting an industrial tank is a great way to bring life to an otherwise mundane space, it does require proper preparation and installation. Before choosing an artist or team for the job, make sure to talk to industrial painting professionals.  

To determine what’s needed for your industrial tank painting project, contact Independence Painting Co. We can help identify what works needs to be done, provide a quote, and help refresh your industrial tank.