Trendy commercial office space with bright accent wall

New year, new office design! Is it time to give your space a brand-new look? Here are some big trends we’re seeing in commercial interior design to keep your office fresh for the new year.

Use More Color

2018 was the year for minimalism, with muted color palettes and the reign of “cool gray.” Now we’re seeing a trend back towards colorful walls:

  • Bright colors are back in. Try adding an accent wall with a vivid color, such as Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year – a golden, bouncy pink called “Living Coral.” It’s perfect for establishing a playful, creative space.
  • Be bold! Deep jewel tones are the perfect way to warm up your space while also bringing energy to a formally lackluster room.
  • Darken things up. If a jewel red or a bright pink isn’t your style, give a rich, darker color a try? Check out the PPG Color of the Year, “Night Watch.” This lush green can give a room a cozy, comfortable vibe.

Comfort is King

Moving away from pure functionalism and sleek designs, furnishing trends this year are focused on creating comfortable, livable spaces:

  • Put a soft, fluffy rug over bare wooden floors.
  • Instead of beautiful yet thin, uncomfortable furniture, pick the comfiest sofa and the most relaxing chairs.
  • Give your space a home-y feel with accent tables or bookshelves.
  • Provide options! Your employees might need more than a desk option to keep their work day comfortable all day. Create more places for flexible working environments (co-working spaces are a great source of inspiration for this). 

Mix and Match

This year, interior trends are all about embracing several different elements, as opposed to 2018’s safer, monotone choices.

  • Juxtapose furniture. This year, old meets new! Embrace the juxtaposition of looks like mixing glass with metal or antique finishes with new-world furniture.
  • Boho is back. 2019 is ready to be Boho chic, and your office could be, too! Let strong, bright colors and different textures define your space and create a whimsical environment.
  • Accent your furniture! By using a base color like white or grey in your design, you can create a dynamic look with pops of bright or jewel-toned colors. As Elle Décor puts it, “90% white, 10% color!”

Green Spaces

Elements of green space aren’t just common in commercial spaces anymore – they’re a staple. In 2019, designs continue to embrace “bringing the outdoors indoors:”

  • Add plants. Put a succulent on your desk, or a leafy plant on a bookshelf. Not ready for the commitment of caring for a plant? Fake plants can have a great impact while requiring no maintenance.
  • Natural daylight. Studies show that employees in offices that depend on artificial light end up feeling more tired by the end of the day. If your office has no access to natural daylight, an artificial sunlamp can help provide a similar effect.
  • Green walls. Turn one of your walls into a living green wall, or vertical garden! Not only do they add green space to your office, but they can improve air quality and acoustics.

While there are a variety of trends this year, there’s one thing most have in common – bold color choices. Are you ready to commit to enhancing your commercial space this year? Independence Painting Co. can help you with your color needs. Whether it’s fully repainting your space or adding a bright accent wall, let Independence Painting help give you a new look for a new year. Start with a free estimate today.